about us

Setareh Artam Derakhshan Company is the exclusive representative of Opera brand products in Iran and has started its activities in the field of importing the products of this construction brand with the approach and goal of joint production since 2009, with many ups and downs in recent years, including sanctions and Political problems affecting economic relations This goal continues at a slow but determined pace and is now approaching and closing to our gol.
With a domestic brand dinokoll in first step and then the Italian brand opera, but with the participation and joint investment of selecting an Italian colleague and partner, selecting and purchasing technology, technical knowledge, installation and commissioning of machines, which unfortunately in terms of restrictions and sanctions so far and nearly seven years to It has taken a long time and we hope to be able to produce products inside Iran in 1400 according to all Iranian and European standards.
In all these stages, the most important principle and object of producing products in accordance with Iranian and Italian standards that are suitable for the personality of Iranian consumers and pave the way for the quality growth of domestic competitors’ products. Creative, energetic and patient in order to support the expansion of best quality and trust in the young generation with the our slogan.
competent employees + excellent organization = perfect production.
Now, the domestic brand of dinokoll and the Italian brand of Opera (currently opera produced in Italy), the result of the efforts of this commercial group in the long run and with the best quality in the field of construction materials, have a lot to say. Among other things, once you are confident in purchasing and consuming products, you will also be added you to our company.
It should be noted that the company is still in the installation and construction stage, and as soon as the image and product descriptions are launched, they will be introduced in the production section. Therefore, domestic products are not ready for sale at the moment, and currently imported Italian opera products are available in stock.

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