The Setareh Artam Derakhshan company was registered on April 29, 2008, in the Tehran Companies Registration Office with the subject of the import, production, and export of various items and construction mortars. Therefore, this company aims to produce all kinds of construction adhesives and mortars, and in order to achieve the best quality, standard, and methods of production and distribution and to know the strengths and weaknesses of mortars, especially tile and ceramic adhesives, the cooperation first started with  MAPEI and then KERAKOL of Italy ,but due to their unwillingness to co-produce in Iran, instead of concluding an exclusive agency contract and importing from OPERA Adhesive Company of Italy, it was conditioned to participate in production in Iran and for the Middle East markets.

This process lasted for more than a decade, and in the meantime, the company took action to purchase the factory site, obtain the relevant permits, and build the office and production building of the factory. During these time , a comprehensive investigation was conducted to purchase machines from Germany, Italy, Finland, and Turkey. Then, after a complete review of the production methods and related technologies of Italy in terms of specialized records in the machines of world-famous companies on the one hand and the introduction of the participating company in the manufacturing and production of products in Iran on the other hand, it was selected. Therefore, with the conclusion of the contract, drawing up 100% plans and importing  machines from Italy, finally in September 2022, at the same time as the government week, the fully automatic factory (PLC) and robotics of Dinokoll were inaugurated by The then governor of Tehran and numbers of industries’ Ministry officials.