Setareh Artam Derakhshan Company was registered in Tehran Companies Registration Office on 10/02/2008 and its subject of activity has been the purchase, import, production and export of various construction items and building mortars and import from adhesive Opera Company located Forli in Italy, subject to market research and then production in Iran with the participation and formulation of the company for the Middle East markets, so import from the company with a suitable and controlled process to review the quality of Opera Company products from On the one hand, collecting customers’ points of view and recognizing products, markets and consumers on the other hand began.
This process lasted for at least a decade, during which the company purchased the factory site, obtained the relevant permits, and built the factory’s office and production building. Meanwhile, during these days, a comprehensive review was conducted for the purchase of machines from Germany, Italy, Finland, China, India and Turkey, and after a thorough review of production methods and technologies related to Italy in terms of up-to-dateness, global reputation and specialized records. In the machines of world famous companies and also the introduction of a company participating in the manufacture and production of products in Iran was selected. Therefore, with the conclusion of the contract and the purchase of machinery, unfortunately, the transfer of machinery to Iran took some time due to various issues, but Finally, the issue was resolved with the help of the Iranian and European resources and shipped to Iran.
It is hoped that during the spring of year 2022 the company will produce some imports item in Iran as name of dinokoll under the technical knowledge and license of the main producer company (Opera Italy).

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