Concrete Adhesive Spa 30

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⚫ Spa 30:

-This product is based on styrene butadiene rubber copolymer. It is a strong, upgraded and modified adhesive for making special mortars for strong sealing against water and resistant to chlorine ions and other chemicals.

⚫ Indications:

-Improving the power and strength and sealing in porcelain tile and ceramic adhesives

– Making mortar for sealing swimming pools and water tanks and Watersport centres

-Making mortar for repairing and modifications of holes and voids in stones

-Preparation of mortar for installing stones and ceramic mosaics in swimming pools and humid areas

-Making putty for repairing and renovating cement and concrete walls and surfaces and polishing exposed concrete facades,pool and concrete walls

-Preparation of foundation mortar on smooth surfaces in order to create a rough and abrasive underlayer in walls and surfaces without porosity and without the need for meshing.

– Note: Before using the above mortar, it is recommended to create a layer of Dinokel primer


– Remarkable and durable waterproofing in cement and concrete walls and surfaces

-Resistance and flexibility against cracking and failure caused by building settlement

-Resistant against frost and cold

Spa 30


Milky white




~1.06 g/cm3


>350 kg/cm2

Compressive strength (28 days) – ASTM C10

>10 kg/cm2

Bending strength – ASTM C348

>35 kg/cm2

Adhesion to old concrete – ASTM C1042

~1.8 kg/cm2

Adhesion strength to concrete – ASTM C1404


Resistance to water penetration


Resistance to Cl ions

Very high flexible



Working Temperature

12 months in cool and dry places

Storage conditions


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