Paste adhesive DISKOLL 20

20 نفر در حال مشاهده این محصول هستند!


-Diskoll ready adhesive is an adhesive based on acrylic emulsion resins with the characteristics specified in the table below, and it is generally referred to as )Do-It- Yourself( adhesives in the world.

-Therefore, logically, this adhesive is not recommended for general and general purposes of buildings and projects, and it is better to use powder adhesive in such


– Paste adhesives can be used to optimize the preparation time for immediate and small uses. – According to the standard criteria, two types of paste adhesives are recommended as follows:

1- paste adhesive (DIT) DISKOLL (10) for installation of tile, ceramic and stones.

2- paste adhesive (D2TE) DISKOLL (20) for installation of tile, ceramic and stones in low humid areas.

  • Application:

-The ready to use adhesive is suitable for performing the necessary tasks in installing ceramic and stone tiles on surfaces

– Can be used to install ceramic tiles on stone, ceramic and cement surfaces

-It can be used for special purposes and to the extent of installing ceramic tiles in the optimal use of time in the preparation of the adhesive

  • Privilege:

– Ready to use without adding other ingredients – Strong adhesion, resistant and flexible against the settlement and vibration of the building

– Easy and convenient implementation

– relative resistance against moisture and water according to the standard specified in the table below





1.6 g/cm3



Resistance to water

> 2 N/mm2

Adhesion strength – EN 1324

30 minutes

Open time

< 0.5 mm



Working Temperature

2-3 days

Time for bonding

7 days

Ready to use

6 months in dry and cool places

Storage conditions

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